EuroStack cloud storage

GDPR proof Object, Block, and File System storage replicated to multiple Serverius data center locations. Safely within the Dutch borders, without any non-European government jurisdiction.

ES - 1TB Free version 0 Available

Ideal to test EuroStack, or just to use a 1TB storage for free. Easy to upgrade your plan when you need more space.

ES - 10TB (0,013 per GB)

EuroStack 10 TB is ideal to start with EuroStack cloud storage. Easy to upgrade your plan when you're ready.

ES - 25TB (0,01 per GB)

The 25TB storage is the second step for starting with EuroStack.

ES - 50TB (0,009 per GB)

The 50TB storage is a huge deal. It is even possible to pay less than 1 cent per GB

ES - 100TB (0,0085 per GB)

Larger volumes, special configurations, and competitive pricing up to 0,006 per GB, please contact