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Serverius engineers are not allowed to have access to a client its hardware operating system(s). But for accessing your hardware remotely, Serverius offers a borrowing KVM over IP switch. With this KVM over IP, you can access your hardware remotely, like a local keyboard and mouse or console connected. So when you having problems with a server or switch, for instance, you can request the KVM for your server and you can access it without having internet on that server.

Keep in mind that the KVM can only request via the remote-hands tool, not by normal email or ticket.


  • Serverius does not guarantee the KVM will work for anyone. For some clients, its remote computer OS or the communication between KVM and hardware is sometimes not technically working. For example,
    do not use old operating systems like Windows 98 and Vista.
  • For connecting and dismantling the KVM, 3 remote hands calculated.
  • Although Serverius has more than a few KVM switches per datacenter, when it all is occupied by other clients, the client has to wait.


  • When you install an OS, please use the option "Install system with basic video driver". Otherwise, you will see a black screen. Here below an example of a Centos installation (other OS have a similar option):Install-system-with-a-basic-video-driver kvm
  • If your Javaplayer is not working:
    - You need the newest version of the Java player:
    - Check if Java is enabled in your browser.
    - You need to try another browser like Firefox, Opera, Chrome.
    - Disable all virus scanners.
    - Try on a different computer.

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