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Howto use the BGP blackholing service

Serverius offers a BGP blackholing service, so you may 'tag' /32 prefixes for blackholing by Serverius. Meaning these /32 prefixes will be nullrouted by Serverius. You can enable this service for a certain prefix by tagging it with a BGP community tag of: 50673:666

This is the Serverius 'Blackhole' community string. It only works for /32 prefixes, within the ranges that are registered to your AS. For example, one way to use this feature easily on a Cisco platform, by configuring a static route would be:

* First you would include the following statement in your outgoing route-map:

route-map SERVERIUS_ANNOUNCE permit 10
  description ** Match static routes tagged with 666 for Serverius blackholing **
  match tag 666
  set community 50673:666

* Second, in order for you to tag for example the prefix with the blackhole community string, you would configure the following static null route on your end:

ip route Null0 tag 666 name BLACKHOLED_PREFIX !

* In this way, the prefix would first be nullrouted on your own platform and secondly be labelled with the '666' tag and be marked for blackholing upstream to Serverius via BGP.

Please note this service will only work for /32 prefixes within your own ranges.

- 'no-export' function is usable.

To setup this blackholing service, and engineer needs to configure, enable, and test together with our customer. Therefore, 1 hour is billed.

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