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Abuse policy

Serverius is providing underlying infrastructure services without any hosting activities. Serverius has no data carrier hardware like servers or disk storrage, nor under management. Serverius is only providing datacenter colocation of client hardware and/or connectivity services to millions of companies in the world. Therefore Serverius does not know what Serverius network users are hosting (it's technically impossible for us to see) and is therfore not liable for what our customer hosts behind it's own network or on his own infrastructure. 

Serverius is using a strict abuse policy, Serverius does not like abuse at all. Serverius promote a high level of responsible behavior in connection with respects of the rights of others and requires that users of Serverius services will do the same. Therefore Serverius is using a clear abuse handling policy. If you have identified that Serverius services are used in violation of applicable Dutch law, or if you believe that your content has been used in any manner that infringes upon your rights, you can send an abuse notification directly to the IP responsible user entity. The procedure and requirements for the abuse notifications are set forth below.

Serverius has a policy of banning illegal distribution of copyrighted material, spam, viruses or any illegal activities. We do not like illegal activities at all, but when something happen with a IP subnet what's used by a user (or a client of a user) we need to follow the rules. In order to process a claim, please ensure your claim adheres to the Dutch Notice and Take-down Code of Conduct. This means you have to first contact the infringing IP user and only if they do not reply or their reply is unsatisfactory for you, you can escalate to the hosting provider (in most cases our client, the hosting provider).

To do you can sent a clear email in plain text to with proof and explenation of the abuse. Your email will automatically forward to the IP responsible company, in most cases the hosting provider, the Serverius user. Do not sent attachments (to prevent it will be seen as virus or hack attempt), sent your email in plain text, please do not sent your email to multiple addresses in the same email like , , but ONLY to (if you do, we do not receive your message and we cannot act), sent 1 email per IP subnet and do not forget to mention the abused IP in the body text (our email parser will need it to forward it to the right person). Sent as much as proof as possible. Never forget to sent the the abused IP subnet information: without a IP it's technically impossible to help your with your request. When you sending email, never forget to provide your full details like First Name, Last Name, Company Name (if you have one), Email Address, Address, City, State/Region, Postcode and Country.

Keep in mind that Serverius is not related to the IP usage and we have have no opinion about what is hosted on infrastructure of our clients. Serverius is under Dutch law, so if you have not achieved the desired result for you complain, you have to go through the Dutch court for a legal court order to take down any IP subnet or host that reside in the Serverius network. Therefore we advise you keep it simple and first try to contact the ip user on a normal "human" way. This usually gives the best and quickest results.

In case you do not get any reply from the IP users at you can sent the Serverius abuse department your complain together with all past communication to the IP subnet user and/or hosting provider (email address at the ripe database). You can use the ticket for this or sent it together with your first name, last name, company name (if you have), email address and phone number (if you have) to Do not forget to include a clear copy of your past email communication(s) with the IP subnet user when you sent your claim to us (as an attachment) and do not forget to sent clear information like IP subnets, personal client details, company names of the Serverius network user which is not responding. We need to see that you really tried to solve your abuse request on every possible way with the Serverius network user. Without, Serverius is technically unable to help you because we need clear information in order to end up at the right customer. Keep in mind that we really need to see you contacted the ip user (we prefer .pdf) and you need to give the ip user minimal 24hrs time to respond (because the ip user needs to have the ability to solve it). We will forward your request again to our client and ask him to contact you. This will not guarantee that the ip user will contact you about your complaint, but normally it will when we ask it. Please do not sent your email to multiple addresses like , , but ONLY to (if you do, we do not receive your message and we cannot act).

Note 1: We understand that a Serverius client did not intend that the service is to be abused by someone else (for example a customer or customer his customer). But the ip user (Serverius customer) is ultimately responsible for anything related to or happening in your Serverius service, including sub client usage, incoming or outgoing DDoS or 3rd party software, your client clients usage and so on.
Note 2:
Nothing in this article should be construed as legal advice. For the definitive word on the law, legal help, etc. we highly recommend that you seek qualified legal counsel.
Note 3: Always communicate ONLY in the English language.
Note 4: Never sent abuse complains directly to personal email addresses of the Serverius staff members (without a ticket number from the system Serverius is unable to reply) and never call about abuse to personal mobile telephone numbers of Serverius personnel.
Note 5: In case of external proxy services (like Akamai, Cloudflare, Incapsula) what could forwarding IP data traffic the Serverius network, you first need to contact the IP what is connected to the internet (last IP hop of your IP trace) and request a abuse removal/block at the Proxy service before you contact Serverius.
Note 6: Due to the active abuse policy of Serverius in recent years, most abuse case content is not hosted within the Serverius network or in its data centers. In most cases Serverius is only a link in between the hosted content and the content is outside Serverius, elsewhere on the Internet.
Note 7: This information is also published on the Serverius website:

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