200G DWDM network upgrade!

  • 22nd April 2018
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IPC Web Application Firewall cluster load-balancer upgrade

  • 8th January 2018
Today our own build IPC Web Application Firewall cluster its load-balancer got a big upgrade. The old system is replaced by a new internet anycast solution. This new way of internal load-balancing is many times faster. It increased the scrubbing capacity to more than 100Gbs real WAF scrubbing capacity per PoP and it also reduced the latency per ...
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New racks at SDC2

  • 30th August 2017
Today, 30 new #datacenter #colocation racks were added in @Serveriusbv SDC2. Thanks @RittalNederland for the excellent installation!

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Serverius initiator of new internet exchange AS-IX

  • 8th August 2017
Serverius initiates the start of a new internet exchange: the AS-IXIt’s a non commercial peering initiative between several network and datacenter owners which are offering free 10G peering ports and a 1G VLAN from their own network PoP locations. “The AS-IX is much more powerful than conventional internet exchanges“ Sergey Petukhin says. ...
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